Information for Residents

This page has general information to assist residents of The Aurora Tower. For more specific information please refer to the following pages:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can my pet live here?

Most small pets are allowed (please consult the By-Laws for details) and please remember that your pet must be registered with the Body Corporate. See Pet Policy for more details and application form.

What is the subject of the most complaints?

The noise of chairs scraping on balcony tiles. Unlike internal hard floor surfaces (e.g. tiles, hardwood) that must be sound proofed, the external balcony tiles do not appear to include effective sound dampening; and it is not uncommon to hear unsecured chairs being moved by very strong winds. By the way, securing balcony furniture should always be done as a matter of safety even if it is not windy.

Please consider your neighbours when shifting furniture on your balcony. The sound does reverberate in all directions.

Where’s my hot water?

The building has excellent hot water boilers on the roof plus warmers in the pipes on each floor so that it should take at most, with the tap opened fully for hot-water only, about 20 seconds from cold to hot. The temperature should thereafter be to the point that it is comfortably hot to bare flesh.

How many people fit in to a lift?

Each of the 5 lifts can safely carry 1050kg or about 14 (very friendly) persons. They are among the fastest lifts in Australia and each lift travels the full height of the building from B2 to 67. Lift 1 (southern end) is often booked out and padded for people moving furniture.

Why doesn’t my fob/access key work in the lift?

After someone swipes there is a 3 second period for that person to select a floor, however if you swipe within that period it will ignore you since it is still processing the previous person’s swipe. This ‘lockout’ period can lead to delays and repeat swiping and if there are many people trying to get in to the lift at once it can be frustrating. In these situations you could look at the floors already pressed and if there are some on lower levels than you then you could move to the back of the lift and then swipe your floor after some other people have exited.

Where’s the recycling chute?

There isn’t one. Please don’t put your recyclables in the garbage chute (located next to the southern fire escape door), instead please carry them down to level 1 and put them in one of the 8 large bins next to the delivery roller door. By the way, please don’t leave any rubbish either on the floor of the chute room, or just sitting on the chute, and please please please only use the garbage chute for garbage (i.e. in small tied bags) and not for clothes hangers or ironing boards or similar.

Is smoking allowed inside the building?

No, not at all within the building. Smoking is permitted on the balcony, but please please please don’t throw the butts off the balcony as they may land on something flammable below. By the way, absolutely nothing should be thrown off the balcony and there are security cameras pointed upward to record such activity in order to assist prosecuting anyone that does so.

Is drinking allowed inside the building?

Alcohol is not allowed to be consumed in any of the common areas (e.g. lifts, corridors, parking, and most of the level 7 facilities). Also, for safety reasons, no glass containers are permitted in the pool and spa area on level 7.  Alcohol may only be consumed in the BBQ area on level 7.

Is there a dress code in the common areas?

When moving through the common areas of the building (including lifts) your dress should reflect that you are in a public area – shirts and shoes are expected. Please make sure you dry yourself before leaving the pool area.

What type of insurance do I need to get?

Part of the Body Corporate fees go to insurance for the building as a whole and that includes permanent fixtures (e.g. external walls, kitchen cupboards but not carpets or floating floors) so usually it is only “contents” insurance that could be obtained for “loose items” (e.g. furniture, white goods, etc). Any owner can claim on the building’s insurance however the excess is $2000 in order to keep the premium down and discourage frivolous claims; and the insurer may look to recover their costs if they can prove your negligence.

Where’s my Foxtel IQ?

Unfortunately Foxtel only (officially) allows analogue Foxtel in our building and, unlike if you wanted to connect for free at a house, demands an exorbitant amount to connect our building to their digital service. The good news is the building has an excellent fibre optic network more than capable of handling digital TV signals should they change their position.

Can I get a viewing lens (peep hole) for my front door?

The entrance door to each apartment is a fire-rated door so a fire-rated approved “viewing lens” must be installed by an approved  installer. The installer recommended by the Body Corporate is John Barnes 3275 8888.

An owner can have an approved device installed. Please note that it is a legislative requirement for an Annual Fire Door inspection. Any door found to be non-compliant must be replaced at a cost around $1,200 per fire door at the request of the Body Corporate. Please ensure that you keep proof of your approved device and receipt from your approved installer.

This is an owner cost.

Why are my windows dirty on the outside?

It would be nice to have the windows crystal clear all the time but having professionals abseiling down to clean windows is far too expensive to do more than once or twice a year. They are always cleaned just in time to enjoy Riverfire. The owners manual gives hints on cleaning but it is generally too dangerous to perform (especially when windy) external window washing.

Where is my mail?

The mailboxes are in a secured room (i.e. need to use fob/access key) and each box easily holds a stack of magazines without folding. If the parcel is larger than the mailbox there will be a notice left in the mailbox to collect the item from the front desk. Parcel collection guidelines (October 2017) If you are expecting a really large item in the mail then the front desk would appreciate some advance notice. To ensure that mail is delivered to the correct box please provide senders with the following address details:

Unit XXX, Aurora,
420 Queen Street,
Brisbane City, Qld, 4000

How do I work my air conditioner?

It is easy(?) if you know how. The instructions are shown in the following link

airconditioner instructions

How do I reset my air conditioner when the power goes off?

When power is off to the Siemens controller for the apartment’s air conditioner, the program can be lost and the unit will default to heating. The instructions on how to reprogram the controller are shown in the following link: