Privacy Notice & Painting Schedule Update

Attention Residents

Please note the following update to the Aurora building painting project. 

13/3/19-20/3/19 : All apartments level 52 – 67 (sky homes and penthouses) – Window Privacy 

The rope access team will be carrying out a pressure wash to the exterior of the building in preparation for painting. Although these apartments have enclosed balconies some minor water ingress may be present. We ask that residents are mindful of this and also that staff will be outside their windows during working hours 7.30am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

13/3/19-22/7/19 : Level 7 apartments Exclusion Zone

The rope access team will require that all level 7 balconies are made an exclusion zone for the above time frame (13/3/19-22/7/19 Monday to Friday 7am-4pm). This means that residents will have to remain off their balconies during this time and we also ask that they ensure the retractable awnings are kept closed.

20/3/19-29/5/19 : Level 7 – 51 apartments – Balconies cleared of furniture – Privacy

Types 1&6 

The rope access team will commence pressure washing and painting of the 1 & 6 balconies. Weather permitting we will be carrying out 10 levels of each style per week simultaneously. We ask that residents are aware and that balconies are cleared of furniture. Weekly updates will be provided of progress similar to the rear balconies.

Types 2 – 5 

In regards to the 2-5 style balconies these will be carried out simultaneously with an aim to commence and complete 5 levels (20 balconies per week)

Thank you for your cooperation.


Programmed Property Services

Andrew Petrie Plaque

A historic plaque has been placed near the front entrance of the Aurora Tower. The Tower is built on the site of the first house to be built in Brisbane in 1837. 

The committee wish to thank Mr James Delahunty for donating this historic plaque and explanatory material to the Aurora community.

Explanatory information about Andrew Petrie and Empire House (the building that was demolished to make way for the Aurora Tower)  is in the following link. 

Andrew Petrie Plaque

Painters are ahead of schedule

5 Nov 2018

Integrity has advised that Programmed are now ahead of schedule on Penthouse and Skyhome balconies, by approximately 2 weeks.

A revised schedule has been issued for circulation to the remaining Skyhome owner/occupiers:

Updated schedule as follows

  • 581/582/584/585/586/588                            5 to 9 November 2018
  • 583/561/562/563/564/565/566                     12 to 16 November 2018
  • 568/541/542/543/544/545/546                     19 to 23 November 2018
  • 548/521/522/523/524/525/526                     26 to 18 November 2018
  • 528 and various remaining apartments         3 to 7 December 2018
    (including wall colour and floor issues)
Skyhome Schedule 5Nov2018

External Painting – Letter of Owners and Residents #1

Dear Owners and Residents

Please be advised that a major repaint project for the Aurora Tower will start on Tuesday 2nd October 2018. Work will commence on the penthouse and sky home balconies which will require internal unit access to undertake works . The contractors will be commencing at the highest level and working progressively down the tower.

A schedule for the painting of the penthouse and sky home balconies will be produced shortly and circulated to all penthouse and sky homes.  Furthermore, updates will be displayed on the community notice board located on Level 1 adjacent the mailroom and on the Aurora Tower website  We encourage everyone to avail themselves of this information regularly so as to stay abreast of progress and any important announcements.

Until the contractors commence we cannot be certain of the time required to complete each unit but we expect the work to unit balconies to require approximately 1 week, allowing for drying and curing times.  Your balcony must be completely clear for this period (ie. all furniture, pot plants, BBQs, carpets/matting, decking etc must be removed).

It is anticipated, that external works to the tower will commence on approximately 23rd October 2018.

The schedule is a guide for residents, so they have an understanding of when the painters may be likely to be working around their residence, however scheduling may change due to inclement weather or project flow delays, at which time an updated schedule will be produced.

The painters will need to use access equipment and abseiling to service the upper reaches of the property, so we ask that you respect their work zones and the safety exclusion areas which may be in place whilst they are working overhead.

Once the project nears commencement we will be communicating with all residents and guests by means of notifications in lifts, foyers, signs in common areas and possibly under unit doors, to make you aware in advance, of when painters may be working around your living spaces.

With the exception of the enclosed penthouses and sky homes, the painters will be accessing your unit balconies over the unit balustrade and there will be no need for the painters to enter or require access to your internal living spaces.

We have been engaged as the project manager to supervise the painters’ work, to ensure the property’s painting investment is preserved and we will be on site regularly monitoring the painters, their workmanship, their customer contact and their cleanliness, after they have finished around your occupancy.

The painters will commence work at 7am daily with noise restrictions until 8am and work will be conducted from Monday to Friday 7am – 4.00pm and Saturdays only if required and by approval.  Please note the early start may impact on your privacy.

At some stage you may be notified that painters will need to have access to your unit balcony to undertake a comprehensive work scope of stripping and replacing mastic and sealing balcony decks as well as potential concrete rectification and painting.

The scope of works will require the painters to come and go multiple times to complete these work scopes, allowing for drying and curing times between work processes.

To paint the property, the building will require high pressure water washing as part of the preparation to remove dirt, mould, and other contaminants. You will receive notice in advance to shift furniture and pot plants from your unit balcony, so this work can be undertaken.

Please note the sealer applied to balcony decks is a waterproofing treatment only and the painters will only be washing balcony decks to remove dirt and other contaminants before applying this product.  

The painters will not be removing stains from pot plants, BBQ’s or furniture legs etc. These will not affect their sealing application and the sealer will not lock these stains in. However, if you want to remove stains and clean your deck before the sealing process, we recommend you get this undertaken ASAP as the painters will be commencing shortly.

On completion of the works, the painters will ensure your windows and balustrades are given a trade clean to ensure that all paint spatter or paint smears are removed. This does not constitute a professional window clean, which may be required on completion.

We are aware that some apartment owners have carried out improvements to balconies and it is important that we are familiar with these prior to this project commencing. If your balcony does not have the original compliment of flooring and paint colour, please make this known to the Building Manager via email  Likewise, if you have any permanent fixtures on your balcony, for example fixed furniture or planter boxes these will need to be removed.

As you move about the property, you may at times find the need to take an alternate route as the painters establish safety zones in areas below where they are working.

If at any time through the project you experience an issue with the contractors or the painting process, please feel free to contact the Building Manager or myself directly. We will respond quickly and endeavour to resolve your issue or concerns.

We look forward to a seamless and efficient project that will refresh the property.

Finally, we thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding and should you have any questions please direct them to one of the Integrity team on the telephone numbers listed below.

Kind Regards

Paul Dolbel

Project Manager

Project Management Contacts

Paul Dolbel                        0422 002 179

Paul Leighton                    0407 583020

Body Corporate Committee 1819

The AGM (deferred) was held on 22 May 2018.

The committee elected for the 2018/2019 year:

  • Ralph Donnet Lee Chairperson
  • Jan Brewer Treasurer
  • Phil Conwell Secretary
  • Russell Christie Ordinary member
  • Neil Findlay Ordinary member
  • Sandra Bojovic Ordinary member
  • Tony Solazzo Ordinary member

Building Paint Colours AGM

At 12 years young the Aurora Tower is due for a repaint. This is a major exercise and tenders are currently in progress. The money has been budgeted and forms part of the Sinking Fund assets.

As an initial exercise a review of colours has been carried out. The existing colours have weathered well and still look modern. The committee engaged a colour consultant and the following suggestions have been selected for owner community review. These optionns will go as motions to the next AGM (Annual General Meeting) on 15 May and be voted upon by owners.

The building has been rendered in these images to show the impact of the chosen colours. The main light/dark balance will remain unchanged.

Existing Colour Scheme:




The current (Dulux) colours are :

    • Stowe White (main colour)
    • Grey Master (main colour)
    • Very Terracotta (fins)


Amended Colour Scheme 


The amended (Dulux) colours are :

  • Cotton Touch (main colour)
  • Dark Door (main colour)
  • Very Terracotta (fins) (no change)





Amended Mustard Scheme


The amended (Dulux) colours are :

  • Cotton Touch (main colour)
  • Dark Door (main colour)
  • Pale Mustard (fins) 





Amended Sunshine Surprise Scheme


The amended (Dulux) colours are :

  • Cotton Touch (main colour)
  • Dark Door (main colour)
  • Sunshine Surprise (fins) 


Larger versions of these images have been posted on the Body Corporate Bulletin Board near the mailing room on Level 1.

Electricity Update

The Body Corporate committee have recently been involved in two energy related issues. An information paper advises the key detail and how these issues may affect your energy bills. See Aurora Tower Newsletter Embedded Network Manager for more information.

  1. The Aurora Tower Body Corporate has an agreement with Origin Energy to provide bulk electricity until 31 December 2017. A new agreement will apply with the same provider from 1 January 2018.
  2. A very competitive rate will apply for the next four years. However, there will be a 20% increase from 1 January 2018 and then the rate will reduce in each of the following three years. Even with the increase, the Aurora rate is still some 50% cheaper than market providers such as AGL, Alina etc.
  3. The Utility Billing will be provided by a new company Energy Resources Corporation (ERC) from 1 December 2017 instead of Ernst Body Corporate Management. This change was necessary because of new rules set by the Australian Electricity Regulator and the Body Corporate being forced to change to a different service provider.
  4. The Aurora Tower Body Corporate committee strongly believes that the new arrangements are a very satisfactory outcome in the light of recent electricity price increases and continued uncertainty in future years.

ERC have a customer service team available Monday to Friday 0830 -1630 to assist with any Account set up or Account queries you may have. Contact details are phone 07 54378188 or .

If you have any questions about the issues addressed in this document please feel free to email the committee:

Fire Protection System Update

In line with our current practice the fire protection system documentation has been reviewed.

Please take the time to review this important document. It can be found by clicking the link below or under the Tab labelled Information for Residents on this website.

The Aurora Residential Apartment Fire Protection System

If you have any questions please send an email to