Body Corporate Committee 17/18

The AGM (deferred) was held on 6 June 2017.

The committee elected for the 2017/2018 year:

  • Peter Lee Chairperson
  • Jan Brewer Treasurer
  • Phil Conwell Secretary
  • Russell Christie Ordinary member
  • Neil Findlay Ordinary member
  • Greg Firth Ordinary member
  • Tony Solazzo Ordinary member


Many thanks to Russell Christie for his huge contribution as Chairperson over the last few years.  

Smoke Detectors Replacement

An important message to all owners 

The annual inspection by our Fire Service contractor reported many smoke detectors within apartments are out of date (more than 10 years old).  These smoke detectors  must be replaced to meet Australian Fire Safety standard requirements.

This is the responsibility of the owner.

The Body Corporate committee advises that the more reliable optical detectors (photoelectric) must be used to replace the existing ionising type. This is a legislated requirement. For further information please click the link:

As these must be fitted by a qualified electrician, the committee suggests owners contact MJH Appliances on 0408 005 186. They are offering to supply and install at $124+GST (supply/fitted). If more than one is required then any subsequent detectors are $44+GST when ordered at the same time (price update 15/12/17).


Aurora Artwork Update

Aurora Artwork Update

The street address (420 Queen) is to be replaced on the plinth as shown in the photo.

The sign will be ce420 Queen sign V2ntred on the plinth with capital letters (Arial font) to match the Aurora Tower sign above. The letters will be engraved onto brushed aluminum and paint filled.

Please email  if you are an owner and have any comments in relation to this sign by 13 February.

To report a problem

To report a problem phone 3838 9800 or use browser to open:


Phone/tablet users can add this page to their home screen for fast access by:

Android: open page in Chrome, tap on settings, tap on “Add to homescreen”.

Android: open page in browser, tap on menu, tap on bookmarks, add bookmark, OK to save, press and hold bookmark, select “Add shortcut to home”.

iPhone: open page in Safari, tap on “share” (box with arrow pointing up), tap on “Add to Home Screen”.

RiverFire 24 September 2016

RiverFire viewed from the Aurora Tower is a wonderful event however it does create some issues that require the Body Corporate committee to publish guidelines for the event and to ensure strict security. This is for the safety of all residents in the building on the night.

Importantly the total occupancy for the building must be limited based on advice from Queensland Fire & Rescue Services (QFRS). The guidelines ensure this occupancy is not exceeded and at the same time ensure there is no preferential treatment between apartments.

More information is shown under RiverFire in Information for Residents.

Internet outage 27 July 2016 – update

We have lodged a service request with TPG to investigate why the planned outage stopped our internet service (i.e everything else seems to be ok: the link between us and TPG is up, the internet works when plugged straight in to the link, the firewall is ok, and the internal network is ok).
The last time this happened was October when we originally had the system set up and it took a day or two for TPG to fix. Hopefully then can just re-do what they did the last time.

UPDATE 6pm 28/7 the internet is working again.

Internet outage 27 July 2016

TPG apologises for any inconvenience this outage will cause.

Event Sequence Number CM-60162
Commencement Date & Time Wednesday, 27th July 4:00 AM AEST
Completion Date & Time Wednesday, 27th July 6:00 AM AEST
Estimated Duration 30 minutes
Customer Name The Aurora Tower CTS 35222
Services Affected Brisbane City

Towing in Aurora lane

The lane that joins the Aurora Tower to Adelaide Street is Aurora common area property – the land is privately owned by Aurora.

With the completion of the new building at 480 Queen Street the lane needs to be accessed on a regular basis by the window cleaning and maintenance crews for 480 Queen Street. At that time there will be a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) working at height on the lane side of the building. The footpath will be largely cordoned off to stop pedestrians walking under the BMU during those times.  If you choose to walk in the lane at that time please take all precautions and heed any instructions that may be given by safety personnel on the ground. Take responsibility for your own safety!

The lane is designed for two way traffic and not for parked vehicles of any type. Yellow unbroken lines have now been painted down both sides of the lane and new tow-away signs put up. Please be aware that this is a strict tow-away zone and there can be no excuses for parking in the lane.