New By-Law – No Smoking

At the last AGM (10 May 2016) a new no Smoking By-Law was passed by Special Resolution. The By-Law is as follows:


The occupier of a lot included in a community titles scheme must not smoke a tobacco product, or permit the smoking of a tobacco product, on the lot or the common property in a way that—

(a) causes a nuisance or hazard; or

(b) interferes unreasonably with the use or enjoyment of another lot included in the scheme; or

(c) interferes unreasonably with the use or enjoyment of the common property by a person who is lawfully on the common property.

An updated Community Management Statement (CMS) will now be registered with the Land Titles Office. The updated CMS will be put up on this website when it is available.

Body Corporate Committee 16/17

The AGM (deferred) was held on 10 May 2016.

The committee elected for the 2016/2017 year:

  • Russell Christie Chairperson
  • Rob Rekowski Treasurer
  • Jan Brewer Secretary
  • Peter Lee Ordinary member
  • Eric Teed Ordinary member
  • Tony Solazzo Ordinary member
  • Ken Toft Ordinary member

Air Conditioning in Corridors

Corridor air conditioners will be switched off in coming days and will remain off over winter.

The power saving in switching off the corridor air conditioners for most of the year is conservatively estimated at $30,000pa. There will also be a reduction in repair costs, which given the age of these units, is increasing.



Aurora Artwork Update

An Aurora Artwork update has been posted in the owners’ section of the website. We are seeking owners’ views in order to finalise the artwork.

The committee would appreciate feedback on the items specified in the update by 10 April. The next Committee meeting is  6pm on 8 March. Feedback can be by email from the website or in person if you are attending the meeting. All owners are welcome to attend the meeting.

Email address for feedback:

Car Park Entry Closed This Weekend

To upgrade to the underground services in Rich Lane, the Wharf St end of Rich Lane will be closed from 4am this Saturday 31-Oct to 6pm Wednesday 4-Nov. Access to the Aurora Tower car park will be via the laneway from Adelaide St only. Traffic control will be in place.


RiverFire 26 September 2015

riverfire PB 2Riverfire viewed from the Aurora Tower is a wonderful event however it does create some issues that require the Body Corporate committee to publish guidelines for the event and to ensure strict security. This is for the safety of all residents in the building on the night.

Importantly the total occupancy for the building must be limited based on advice from Queensland Fire & Rescue Services (QFRS). The guidelines ensure this occupancy is not exceeded and at the same time ensure there is no preferential treatment between apartments.

Oaks apartments are allowed a maximum of 6 residents and each must be a registered guest. They are not allowed additional guests.

In addition to the residents of the apartment, all other apartments can invite 8 guests.

Residents who would like more than 8 passes must forward their request to These requests are passed to the committee for approval. Approval for these additional passes will be given in the last week, not before. The reason is that the committee must be confident the maximum occupancy will not be exceeded. The decision is made on the Monday prior to the event, at which time the building manager knows how many passes have been collected, how many are unlikely to be collected, and how many requests for additional passes have been received.

More information is shown under Riverfire in Information for Residents.

Body Corporate Committee 2015/2016

The AGM (deferred) was held on 28 April 2015.

The committee elected for the 2015/2016 year are:

  • Russell Christie Chairperson
  • Eric Teed Treasurer
  • Jan Brewer Secretary
  • Peter Lee Ordinary member
  • Rob Rekowski Ordinary member
  • Tony Solazzo Ordinary member
  • Ken Toft Ordinary member.

G20 Update

Queensland Police have inspected the Aurora Tower building and did not identify any risks or security issues that may have an impact during G20.

For information please see: