air conditioning update

The air conditioning system has been undergoing maintenance and this process was finished on 23 September. Most of the scheduled work was performed. 

Unfortunately some corrosion was discovered in the main cooling water pipes and samples of the corrosion are being analysed. In the meantime, the leaking pipes have been temporarily sealed and the system returned to service.

Once the best method of permanent repair has been identified, another major outage may be required. We will update through lift notices as we have more information.

Riverfire 2014

Riverfire (27 September 2014) viewed from the Aurora Tower is a wonderful event however it does create some issues that require the Body Corporate committee to publish guidelines for the event and to ensure strict security. This is for the safety of all residents in the building on the night.

Importantly the total occupancy for the building must be limited to 5,000 which is based on advice from Queensland Fire & Rescue Services (QFRS). The guidelines ensure this occupancy is not exceeded and at the same time ensure there is no preferential treatment between apartments.

Oaks apartments are allowed a maximum of 6 residents and each must be a registered guest. They are not allowed additional guests.

In addition to the residents of the apartment, all other apartments can invite 8 guests.

Residents who would like more than 8 passes must forward their request to These requests are passed to the committee for approval. Approval for these additional passes will be given in the last week, not before. The reason is that the committee must be confident the maximum occupancy of 5,000 will not be exceeded. The decision is made on the Monday prior to the event, at which time the building manager knows how many passes have been collected, how many are unlikely to be collected, and how many requests for additional passes have been received.

More information is shown under Riverfire in Information for Residents.

AGM – Committee elected for 2014/2015

The AGM (deferred) was held on 29 April 2014.

The committee for the 2014/2015 year are

  • Russell Christie Chairperson.
  • Jan Brewer Secretary.
  • Ralph Donnet Treasurer.
  • Brett Dickerson Ordinary member.
  • Allison Radcliffe Ordinary member.
  • Rob Rekowski Ordinary member.
  • Eric Teed Ordinary member.

Barbeque area level 7

The new barbeque area on Level 7 is proving popular with all residents. At present there are no booking requirements and users have generally worked together to make the facility a success. It is the users’ responsibility to leave the area clean. Please ensure that you leave the BBQ plates and surrounding area clean and free of any rubbish when you leave. There is an adjacent kitchen area that may be used to clean up.

If you have any suggestions that will help in the smooth running of this facility feel free to send an email to the secretary of the body corporate.

Riverfire 2013

As with previous years there will be security changes in place for RiverFire to help keep everyone safe. From 2pm the visitor car park and the entrance on level 1 will be closed, as will the pool and BBQ area on level 7. The main entrance on ground floor and the lifts will be operated by security staff who will be checking that everyone is either a resident (by showing their fob/key) or visitor (by showing their wrist band). Each owner/tenant is entitled to 8 visitor wrist bands that can be collected from the front desk a week before the event.

Window sealing

G James Glass are in the process of rectifying some window leak issues from the January storms by applying new sealant. The time required to perform the work varies per unit and the unit owner will be contacted beforehand to confirm the work details however it is not essential for the unit owner to be present. Please let the building manager know if you have any concerns.

Water Meter Installation

Over the next few weeks there will be a short interruption to the water supply in each unit as a cold water meter is installed. The process is expected to be that (starting at level 7 and working up, during work hours sometime between 9 and 5) the plumber will examine if the hot water meter indicates use within the unit and if not to turn off the water supply completely to that unit to install a meter on the cold water pipe (expected to take about 15 minutes).

Favorite Security Key Audit

Over the next 2 months (starting Wed 27th March, ending 31st May) an audit will be done on the Tower’s security access keys (also known as “fobs”). Owners and residents should take all their fobs (for both the entrance doors/lifts and the secure car parking) to the reception desk to have them checked. Once the audit is complete any fobs that were not checked will be de-activated.