Lift Modernisation Project

This page covers the main issues that owners may find of interest as the Lift Modernisation project progresses over the period until 2024/ 2025.

To date the issues covered are:

  1. Explanation: Why we needed to change the lifts earlier than originally expected. A summary is provided from the original lift audit report.
  2. How to use a destination control lift. It’s different to the  way we use lifts now.
  3. Current Timetable for delivery of five lifts
  4. Your Questions with Answers from the lift modernisation team.

More content will be added as the project progresses. Please check back from time to time. There will also be alerts in Committee newsletters.

Please send any questions to

1. Lift Modernisation Audit Report – Executive Summary – September 2021

Lift modernisation executive summary

2 pages – see control at bottom left.

2. Destination Control Systems

Destination Control Systems – How to Use

How to use

Destination Control Systems: Boarding Process

DCS During upgrade info
5 pages – see control at bottom left.

Destination Control Systems – Video


NOTE: Do not enter the wrong lift after selecting the destination at the touch screen as no calls/additional can be selected inside the car.

3. Current Program Timetable – this will be updated periodically

Aurora Towers Lift Modernisation Program REV2

4. Questions and Answers