Accessing the Internet

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Options for residents to access the Internet:

  1. Sign up for NBN variations for VDSL (Fibre to The Building FTTB).
  2. Sign up for TPG Fibre to the Building VDSL (FTTB). This option TPG VDSL (FTTB) is the same technology as NBN but is a separate service to the building.
  3. Connect to the building’s internal internet service with your own WiFi router (WAN with unique public IP address). This is a service only to Aurora Tower owners through the body corporate contributions – more information can be gained in the private owners’ portal on this website.
  4. Use a mobile/dongle for 4G/5G access and share via a hotspot. This is handy when not using much data and/or not intending to be a resident for a long time.
Connect to to any phone socket in any room. Connect to any phone socket in any room.
Pre-configured modem provided Pre-configured modem provided
Support from provider. Support from provider
Various data quota. Plan dependant
Various included options. Plan dependant
Max 50/100 Mbps Max 50/100 Mbps
Various prices. Plan dependant
iiNet, Optus, Telstra, etc.