Car Parking Rules

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Car Parking Rules for The Aurora Tower ( February 2019)

Visitors’ Car Park

The visitors’ car park located on level 1 adjacent to Rich Lane is provided for short term infrequent use by bona fide visitors to the Aurora Tower.

• All vehicles parked in the visitors’ car park must display an authorised parking slip, otherwise the vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense.

• Parking slips are available by completing the visitors’ car parking log located at reception and being authorised by a resident, or in the case of service providers by the Building Manager or the retail lot. Visitors cannot sign-in themselves.

• Residents who sign in a visitor acknowledge they have both read and understood the car parking rules.

• The authorised parking slip only remains valid for the date and period specified on the slip. The slip must be displayed in the vehicle in a clearly visible position, such as the dashboard. Any vehicle not displaying a parking slip (or displaying an expired slip) may be towed at the owner’s expense.

• Legitimate visitors are defined as people visiting a resident in the Aurora Tower on an infrequent basis. The primary intention of visitors must be to remain in the building. Residents must not sign in any person whose real purpose for visiting extends outside the building i.e. to shop or work in city.

• Frequent parking would be described as:
– 3 or more times in a 7 day period for any individual vehicle.

– 10 or more times in a 7 day period for multiple vehicles visiting the same apartment.

• Residents (persons living in the building as an owner occupier, permanent tenant or Oaks guest) are not permitted to park vehicles in the visitors’ car park.

• Apartment owners who do not reside in the building are not permitted to park vehicles in the visitors’ car park unless legitimately visiting another person residing in the building. They must adhere to these car parking rules, no exceptions.

• Contractors/service providers are permitted to park in the visitors’ car park. However they must be working within the Aurora Tower at the same time and adhere to the parking rules. If a contractor/service provider is working for a resident they must be introduced and signed in by that resident.

• The Loading Bay located at the southern end (closest to Wharf Street) of visitors’ car park is not to be used as visitor car parking at any time by any person unless otherwise arranged.

• Staff working in retail lots within the Aurora Tower are not permitted to park in the visitors’ car park at any time.

• The contractors or sales representatives to retail lots may park in the visitors’ car park so long as they are visiting the retail lot for business related purposes. They must not leave the building.

• Overnight parking is permitted in the visitors’ car park by legitimate visitors who remain in the building during this time only.

• The wash bay located on the lower level of the visitors’ car park is not to be used for visitor parking on weekends or public holidays. During these periods, it is available to residents for the purpose of washing their vehicles only.

• Vehicles parked in the visitors’ car park without a current authorised parking slip may be towed at the owner’s expense at the discretion of the Building Manager, his staff or other authorised persons. Hand written notes or business cards are not acceptable at any stage

• An “Unauthorised Car Parking” notice will be placed on any vehicle that remains in the visitors’ car park displaying an invalid parking slip for more than ten (10) minutes.

• If a vehicle remains parked without a legitimate parking slip for a further ten (10) minutes and the owner cannot reasonably be contacted, the towing company will be called to tow the vehicle. The visitors’ car parking log will be checked at this time to ensure that the car parking slip has not been misplaced or the vehicle is parked under other circumstances.

Internal Car Parks

• Residents must park in the car space/s that is allocated to their lot unless otherwise prearranged and documented accordingly.

• Oaks guests must park in Oaks spaces that have a yellow “OAKS CAR PARKING” sign.

• Apartment owners and residents can only rent or sublease their car space to other persons residing in the building.

• Residents are permitted to tow vehicles from their private car space. They should first report this to reception who will attempt to contact the owner of the illegally parked vehicle. Staff may offer the resident an alternative short term car space for their vehicle in the interim be that short or long term.

• Towing from a resident’s car space can only by authorised by the person responsible for the car space i.e. the apartment owner or resident who can verify their ownership/residency status. Furthermore they must contact the towing company direct and accept responsibility for their actions. Reception staff can provide them with contact details for the towing company.


The Aurora Tower has a current agreement to tow from the visitors’ car park, internal car parks and the laneway easement owned by Aurora Tower (from Adelaide St to northern end of Rich lane).

The towing company may advise reception of illegally parked cars however they cannot authorise towing.

The Building Manager has the authority to approve towing from the visitors’ car park and the laneway easement owned by Aurora Tower. The Building Manager may choose to delegate this authority to staff but the Building Manager remains responsible. The Building Manager or their delegate must be available at all times to authorise towing as required.

The towing company must sign the ‘Towing Log’ and at the same time advise reception staff of all vehicles that it has removed from the visitors’ or other car park.