Peaceful Living

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Help Aurora residents enjoy a peaceful home

While we all enjoy the benefits of city living the fact that you are a part of a community means that you always need to be considerate of your neighbours and understand how your actions may affect their peaceful living.


You should be aware that some fairly mundane noises can be heard outside your apartment and affect your neighbours’ peaceful enjoyment of their home. The neighbours may be next door or above or below your apartment.

The noise of scraping chairs, moving furniture and loud music (particularly bass vibrations) can carry and annoy your neighbours. If your apartment has hard floors these noises can be even more noticeable even though you have complied with the recommended insulation requirements set out in the Body Corporate rules.

You should be aware of these issues and the following tips can help:

  • Put ‘soft’ feet (self-adhesive pads) on the legs of chairs, tables or any other items of furniture that may be moved around. Balconies in particular are problematic as they may be close to other apartments’ bedrooms. Soft pads may be purchased from any supermarket or hardware shop.
  • Keep the music volume at a reasonable level at all times particularly after 10pm. Be aware that bass vibrations will carry above and below your apartment.
  • Close your balcony doors to keep the noise inside your apartment.

Ensure all furniture on balconies is secured – there can be high winds and items can be blown off the balconies onto the street. This is very dangerous and management will put signs in the reception area when high winds are expected.

All furniture on the balconies should have soft pads attached to the area between the floor and the legs of the furniture. These should be checked regularly as they can fall off.

Throwing any item over the balcony is strictly forbidden. Cigarette butts have started fires on balconies further down the building.

Common area hallways outside the lifts

When moving in the common area hallways you should be aware that all noise can be heard within most apartments that front on to the hallways. Where possible, please greet and farewell your friends inside and keep noise to a minimum in hallways.

Smoke from cooking 

Please do not open your front door to clear smoke from your apartment. This action will set off smoke alarms in the hallways and you may be charged for a fire call-out ($1,092.95 current QFRS callout fee).


Do not leave any rubbish on the floor near the rubbish chute. Take boxes and larger items down to level 1 to the bin area. Throwing large items in the chute can block the chute.

Behaviour in Common Areas

An acceptable standard of behaviour is expected at all times. If you find unacceptable behaviour occurring please do not take matters into your own hands. Leave it to the experts.

Common Areas of the building are used by Residents, Guests and Visitors. These areas include – Ground Level Foyer, Lifts, Level 1 and Level 7, Corridors between apartments and Car Park levels.

  • No Alcohol consumption is allowed in any common area.(except Level 7 BBQ area + Function room)
  • Spills should be reported to Reception immediately.
  • Shirts and Footwear must be worn. (exception at pool/spa/sauna area)
  • No boisterous behaviour especially in corridors and lifts so as not to disrupt others.
  • No eating or drinking allowed.
  • Do not hold Lift doors open.

If you find people not following acceptable behaviour the best option is to fill in a complaint form (see reporting). You can report the incident immediately to Reception staff, or call Adnev Security after hours on 1300-596-525 (9:00 pm to 6:00 am). Security will be in the building on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Building Management – For and on behalf of Body Corporate CTS 35222