Facilities for Residents

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Most of the recreational facilities (pool, spa, sauna, change room, BBQs, lounge, theatre and gym) are located on level 7.

Residents can also take advantage of a workshop (level B2), coolroom (level 1), internal security TV channels, free high-speed (NBN speed) internet service and 24 hour front desk.

These facilities can be grouped in to 4 categories:

  • 24×7: some facilities such as the front desk and the digital TV channels showing security camera footage are generally always available.
  • Unreserved: facilities like the pool and spa, gym and sauna are available for use without reservation during open hours (6am – 10pm). BBQs may be used without reservation between 7am – 10pm. The car washing area on level B1 may be used on the weekend.
  • Booked: other facilities like the function room and theatre, coolroom, workshop, loading dock and visitor parking are available only after being booked at the front desk.
  • Requested: residents that are owner occupiers or long term tenants can request connection to the buildings free internet facility.