Contacts & People

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Body Corporate Committee (2020/ 2021)

Phil Conwell


Jan Brewer


Russell Christie


Bronwyn Dredge

Ordinary member

Greg Firth

Ordinary member

Tracy Stanley

Ordinary member

Luis Valle Caballero

Ordinary member

Hotel Manager

Mark Fogarty

Phone: 3838 9800

Facilities Manager

Chris Brown

Contact the Building Manager for all issues relating to the smooth operation of the building (e.g. Noise, Electrician, Security, Intercom, Air Conditioning issues etc.)

Body Corporate Manager

Ernst Body Corporate Management (EBCM) are appointed by the Body Corporate to perform all record keeping duties, keep accounts and provide secretarial, compliance and administrative functions.

Phone:  (07) 3620 0600

Oaks Hotels and Resorts (Oaks)

Queen Street Property Management who are owned by Oaks Hotels & Resorts hold the management rights to the Aurora building and provide their duties under the caretaking and letting agreements.

Phone: (07) 3838 9800

Front Desk Staff