The current procedures being used by the Building Manager have been updated.

This will be updated frequently. The steps that are being taken aim to minimise the chance of transmission of Covid-19 and the impact of any cases that may occur in the building.

There is constant update on Government advice and recommendations that are being followed.  All guests have been and will continue to, receive the most up to date version of the attached information sheet from the Australian Government – see link at the end of this post.

Some things you will notice:

* Clear contact has been placed over the lift buttons in each lift to make it easier to clean. This will be replaced as required.

* There is an additional Public Area Cleaner in place to do high traffic common area cleaning and the housekeeping team will manage the floor
call buttons.

* There are antibacterial pumps provided at reception for all to use if they would like (these have been in place since last week).

* As per the new Government instruction any guest or resident arriving from overseas must self- isolate for 14 days. This will need to be strictly adhered to as there is a $13k fine for not complying.

* The Building Manager will provide support to residents if they are self-isolating. Please contact the Building Manager promptly if you are self-isolating. This will mean getting supermarket/ food deliveries dropped to your door – saving you making the trip to reception.

*With respect to the Gym it is recommended that anti-bacterial wipes and hand gels are used to ensure personal hygiene.



CLICK to Australian Government website

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