The plumber was called to eliminate vibration (due to air in the system) in the pressure reducing valves (PRVs). Some residents had previously complained about the vibration.

During this process the plumber located a problem at the Level 45 – North – Hot Water Ratio valve.  Whilst attempting to repair this fault additional air was released into the system below Level 45. This was accompanied by a temporary loss of hot water.

Parts are not readily available for the fault at Level 45 – North – Hot Water Ratio valve.

As a result it has been turned off and parts have been ordered which are expected to arrive within 7 days.

Further attendance is being carried out today to release air from the system till parts are available.

Unfortunately any disruption to the water supply leads to a discolouration of the water. This is unavoidable and yes, Level 7 at Aurora will experience this for a longer period than most levels. Discolouration of the water supply, in this case, after a water disruption is normal and not harmful. It is however aesthetically not pleasing.

Moving forward, there are three current issues.

  • Rectification today to release air
  • Replacement of parts for Level 45 North Hot Water PRVs
  • Replacement of parts for Level 57 South Cold Water PRVs.

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