Indemnity for visitors

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Before the body corporate, an owner or resident employs or engages another party to perform work in The Aurora Tower they should first download, read and complete the following document:


Note 1: Name of Visitor

The name of the Visitor inserted as a party to the Agreement should either be an individual person, or a company of some size and substance – or both.  

If a company is inserted the correct name and status of the company must be inserted – ie “Pty Ltd” or just “Ltd”.  The ABN for the company must also be inserted.

Do not insert a private company or just a business name.   

Note 2: Completion of Schedule

As much detail as possible should be inserted when completing the schedule.  For example, full details of the activity the Visitor wishes to carry out and the equipment then intend to bring into the building should be inserted.  If necessary additional pages should be attached to the Deed.

If in doubt, contact the Body Corporate’s solicitor’s, Warlow Scott, attn: John Warlow, Ph 07 3002 7444 or

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Aurora Access & Indemnity Deed