The lane that joins the Aurora Tower to Adelaide Street is Aurora common area property – the land is privately owned by Aurora.

With the completion of the new building at 480 Queen Street the lane needs to be accessed on a regular basis by the window cleaning and maintenance crews for 480 Queen Street. At that time there will be a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) working at height on the lane side of the building. The footpath will be largely cordoned off to stop pedestrians walking under the BMU during those times.  If you choose to walk in the lane at that time please take all precautions and heed any instructions that may be given by safety personnel on the ground. Take responsibility for your own safety!

The lane is designed for two way traffic and not for parked vehicles of any type. Yellow unbroken lines have now been painted down both sides of the lane and new tow-away signs put up. Please be aware that this is a strict tow-away zone and there can be no excuses for parking in the lane.

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