Water Damage on Saturday 12 October 2019

As a result of a broken sprinkler head on Level 58 last Saturday afternoon, there has been considerable water ingress to common area corridors and a number of apartments from Level 58 to 24.   The worst affected floors are 58 to 54, 41, 34 and 33.  There has been damage to the Fire Control alert system (evacuation tones cannot be transmitted to apartments between Levels 13 to 43.  However, Brisbane Fire Services has installed fire alarms in the corridors of the affected Floors) and the TV transponders.  These matters will be rectified as soon as possible.

Restorex (phone 0400 353 460)  have been appointed to manage restoration works.  Any owners requiring restoration work should contact Restorex.  Individual Lot owners must authorise the engagement of contractors for restoration within their apartments and arrange for claims against their contents insurance or the Body Corporate’s Building insurance according to the respective damage. The Building Manager cannot authorise and works within an individual apartment, other than Oaks managed apartments.

Please refer to the Aurora Tower Web site for further information about the process and responsibilities concerning Rectification of Water Damage within individual Lots.

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