Welcome to The Aurora Tower

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What’s special about The Aurora Tower?

Aurora’s historical façade includes an extensive restoration of the 120 year old former Queensland Country Life building which was originally part of a warehouse complex and the official entrance to the Port of Brisbane.

The land on which Aurora is built has historical significance.  Andrew Petrie, the first free settler in the Moreton Bay Settlement,  built the first dwelling and workshops on this site in 1837. An original commemoration plaque has been installed near the entrance to the Aurora Tower. More information here.

Until recently it was the tallest residential only tower in Brisbane and at 207m it still dwarfs most other buildings. It is well located in the CBD with expansive river, city and valley views plus easy access to public transport, shops and services. It has a full range of internal facilities and an ongoing program to improve and increase the benefits to residents. It is solid both physically and financially and was not impacted by the devastating floods of 2011. In short, it offers the peace of mind of living in a safe and well run building whilst benefiting from the opportunities that come from living in the CBD.

Fast facts

  • Built: 2003
  • Opened to public: May 2006
  • Height: 207m
  • Floors: 72 total, 2 basement, ground, 69 above ground. 8 levels of parking.
  • Apartments: 478 total, 6 ‘Heritage’ on G-1, 400 ‘CBD’ on 7-51, 54 ‘Skyhomes’ on 52-63, and 18 ‘Penthouse’ on 64-67.
  • Features a heated pool, spa, sauna, gymnasium, entertainment area and cinema for residents.
  • Near central transport links such as the Central railway station and free city bus loop.
  • Close to shopping areas such as QueensPlaza, Queen Street Mall, Wintergarden and Elizabeth Street all of which feature shopping, restaurants and bars.