Riverfire viewed from the Aurora Tower is a wonderful event however it does create some issues that require the Body Corporate committee to publish guidelines for the event and to ensure strict security. This is for the safety of all residents in the building on the night.

Importantly the total occupancy for the building must be limited based on advice from Queensland Fire & Rescue Services (QFRS). The guidelines ensure this occupancy is not exceeded and at the same time ensure there is no preferential treatment between apartments.

Oaks apartments are allowed a maximum of 6 residents and each must be a registered guest. They are not allowed additional guests.

In addition to the residents of the apartment, all other apartments can invite 8 guests.

Residents who would like more than 8 passes must forward their request to bmaurora@theoaksgroup.com.au. These requests are passed to the committee for approval. Approval for these additional passes will be given in the last week, not before. The reason is that the committee must be confident the maximum occupancy will not be exceeded. The decision is made on the Monday prior to the event, at which time the building manager knows how many passes have been collected, how many are unlikely to be collected, and how many requests for additional passes have been received.

More information is shown under Riverfire in Information for Residents.

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